She Finally Lost Weight: It Was Her Liver All Along (Our Review)

If you’d like to know why we recommend this product and have a minute or two, well, I’ve got an odd story to share with you, my faithful Red Heads. It’s a story about how a bad liver stood in the way of true love, and how shocked my friend Beth was when, after she took care of her health, she also lost a lot of weight. I’m sure you’ll appreciate that I’m not normally the type of gal to go for fad diets or the latest weight loss supplement whatever-thing, but if you’re like me, your ears prick up when you hear about other unusual symptoms that can be associated with weight gain–and how when addressed, people often lose some weight. Maybe a lot of weight.

So let me introduce you to Beth!

In the midst of New York’s hustle and bustle, she was a familiar face among the crowded streets of her Upper East Side neighborhood, where her infectious laughter echoed effortlessly through the city streets. Yet, beneath her vivacious exterior, lay a world of unspoken desires and insecurities, particularly when it came to a certain someone—Matt.

Matt was the quintessential charmer, someone Beth admired from a distance. His mere presence could make her heart skip a beat. But as she watched him from afar, her mind, like a relentless critic, whispered doubts about her own worthiness, especially concerning her weight.

The days since she’d first met him turned into months, and Beth found herself in a perpetual cycle of hopeful yearning and silent self-doubt. It was during one of those endless days that she began to notice peculiar changes within herself. A lingering fatigue despite adequate sleep, unexplained fluctuations in weight despite efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and an overall feeling of being unwell began to gnaw at her.

Curiosity mixed with concern propelled Beth to seek answers during her routine checkup. She couldn’t shake off the feeling that something wasn’t quite right. So, when she finally sat across from her doctor, she mustered the courage to voice her concerns.

“Is it normal to feel constantly fatigued and experience these fluctuations in weight?” Beth asked tentatively, her voice betraying a hint of worry.

Her doctor, after a series of examinations and tests, unveiled an unexpected revelation—a slight irregularity in her liver metabolism that might be contributing to her health concerns. The doctor also talked about the link between fatty liver and body fat / weight loss. It was a revelation that caught Beth off guard, a mix of relief that there might be an explanation, but also frustration at the unpredictability of it all.

It wasn’t just about physical changes; there was a subtle shift in Beth’s mindset. She began shedding the layers of self-doubt that had obscured her true self for so long. It was like a weight lifting off her shoulders, one she hadn’t realized she’d been carrying.

One crisp autumn afternoon, fate led her to Central Park, where she unexpectedly crossed paths with Matt. Heart racing, Beth found herself engaged in a conversation that flowed effortlessly. To her surprise, Matt seemed genuinely interested in her thoughts and stories, beyond the superficial.

Their encounter marked the beginning of a new chapter for Beth—one where she embraced not just the possibility of romance but the rediscovery of her own worth and resilience. The journey, sparked by a routine checkup and an unexpected health revelation, unfolded as a testament to self-discovery and newfound confidence.


Flash forward to today and believe it or not, Matt and Beth are still together and she recently told me they’re going to be moving in together.

But that’s a story for another day!

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