In the canvas of twilight’s fiery hue, Where autumn’s whispers bid adieu, The red of sunsets and leaves unite, A symphony of warmth, a vibrant sight.

From skies aflame to foliage kissed, Their crimson dance, a sickly tryst, Fused into wax, a candle so bright, A beacon aglow, a mesmerizing light.

In Icarus’ flight, a daring quest, He sought to soar, to reach the crest, A dream in flight, a reckless chase, He held the candle, its fiery grace.

Closer and closer to the sun he flew, The flames ignited, passion anew, The wax melted, the red aglow, A fervent blaze began to grow.

The candle’s glow, an intense flare, It burned with passion, beyond compare, A radiant crackle in the azure expanse, Its brilliance grew in a fiery dance.

The earth embraced by the crimson pyre, A blaze engulfing, a twisted desire, Consuming lands, with fearsome might, The red engulfed, an entrancing sight.

In fervor’s grip, the world ablaze, From sunset’s red to fiery craze, Icarus’ flight, a tale foretold, The candle’s inferno, dancing with red and gold.

Yet from the ashes, new hopes arise, A phoenix reborn, in radiant guise, In the aftermath of fiery plight, The world finds solace in tranquil light.

For in the union of sunset’s red, And fall’s foliage, now quieted and shed, Lies the essence of desire, both bold and true, A tale of passion, in red and blue.